Friday, October 27, 2017

The Launching of ONE: An overview of our trip to Burundi

The Launching of ONE: An overview of our trip to Burundi
By Dr. Paul Taylor

There is so much to share with you about the trip to Burundi, but I want to share the divine connections that the Lord provided that reveal how He is working with us in this nation.

After meeting with the leaders of ONE University for Africa and casting the vision for what we are believing for God to do, we went to Karusi. About a 4 hour drive into the country.  What a blessing to see the work that my son Gerard Ninziza has been doing over the past 7 years.  Pictured above is the high school building and students.  Simply miraculous!  

Gerard's vision is to build a nursing school.  We had the privilege to meet with 8 doctors from the hospital and then tour the hospital.  

Pictured is equipment in the hospital.  There is a huge need for Human Resources.  We viewed room after room with medical equipment, but there were no technicians who knew how to use the equipment.

I want to ask you to consider coming to Burundi on a medical trip.  After talking with Doctors, there is a great need for Physical Therapy, Optomologists, and nursing skills.  There is a great need for X-ray technicians, an those who work with dialysis equipment.  The list is long.  We would love to bring nurses and other health professions that could be such a blessing to the overworked and under staffed Doctors at this hospital.  

Before traveling to Karusi we met with the President of International University of the Equator.  This university has a very similar vision to ONE University for Africa.  We have been praying for a radio station to reach all of Burundi.  This University has a license for a radio station and would like to partner with us for this purpose.  What a huge opportunity this is for ONE! There is a possibility to own part of this radio station and turn profits into support for the projects in Burundi! This is WIN! WIN! WIN!  This is an opportunity to employ people (jobs), spread the gospel of the Kingdom, and to create a profit to support other works in Burundi.  Please pray that God will enable us to raise the necessary funds for this to become a reality! It is about $40.000.

Josimar and I trained hundreds of youth and adults during our short visit to Burundi.  Our theme was "A NEW THINKING FOR A NEW BURUNDI!"  What amazing results we are seeing.  Josimar Salum also challenged them to raise up a prayer movement that will shake the nation! They were so receptive.  We are so humbled to be a part of what God is doing in this nation.

Finally we met with one of the counselors of the President and one Judge of the Supreme Court.  They were so open to what our vision is for Burundi.  They asked that we help their nation create jobs, to educate the people and to help build a stronger Burundi.  More open doors await us and you!

THIS IS THE URGENT NEED WE HAVE BEFORE US. Pictured is the building that we are in need of to launch ONE!  This building will be our main office, but will be used for on going training.  It will be used for living quarters for the chairman of the board for the University. There are many other things that this facility will be used for and by many other people. ONE has a partnering vision to work with those of like mind and vision.  It is not about ONE association!  It is about how we can help others AS ONE to fulfill the purpose of God for their lives and bring transformation to Burundi.

WE NEED TO RAISE $2500 PER MONTH TO GET THIS PROJECT UP AND RUNNING. THAT IS OUR OPERATIONAL BUDGET.  If you could help in anyway possible, please consider helping us. We have $500 per month already raised, but need your help!

I rarely ask for money, but I believe we have an open door that will not remain open unless we walk through it now!  Can you make a one time donation or a monthly support for the next 6 months as we continue to try and build support for this project.  

Burundi is fertile soil!  The seeds that I have planted 6 years ago have brought forth an amazing harvest.  One seed has produce 35,000 others!  That is God!

Thank you for considering this project.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.  207-558-2677.

Let us all keep believing for the impossible!

Dr. Paul Taylor
Dr. Josimar Salum
Dr. Antonio Henriques

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